At Clarksville Demolition Services, our clients expect your demolition to go smoothly. Our contractors take pride in doing the job right. We take OSHA standards very seriously and exceed the requirements, making sure that our men and women are safe. Demolition is a dirty job. We make it as clean and smooth as possible for our clients.

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About Us.

Clarksville Demolition Services is the industry leader in demolition. We have decades of experience with services ranging from Interior Demolition to Structural Demolition. We provide Environmental Remediation, Partial Demolition, Waste/Recycling Management and Tank Decommissioning.

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    Service Areas

    Clarksville Demolition Services takes pride in quality demolition services at various locations. We service Nashville, Cumberland Heights, Woodlawn, Palmyra, Cunningham, Oak Ridge, Freedonia, Woodridge Estates, Port Royal, Adams, Bethel, Chapmansboro, Cedar Hill, Pleasant View, Shady Grove, Sangro, Cumberland City and more. Contact us if you are not within the service area listed. We travel because we know our services will be beneficial for your project.

    Friends of Clarksville Demolition Services

    Visit our friends down in Texas at We give credit where credit is due. They do quality work as well.

    Demolition Facts

    Demolition is known as wrecking, razing and cartage. Light duty jobs are done with a sledge hammer and elbow grease. Home demolition requires larger machinery such as bulldozers and excavators. Heavy duty Demolition requires a wrecking ball. Properly demolishing a structure takes many years of training and experience. This is a very dangerous career so our contractors are not only well trained but have years of experience in the field as well.